Inside the CMX Summit 2023: Shine Agenda

Ana Levidze
August 22, 2023
August 22, 2023

The countdown to CMX Summit 2023:Shine is on! This year, our community reunion is set to shine brighter than ever before.

As October 4-5th draws near, we've been building up the excitement with thrilling speaker announcements and experiences at Fox Theater, Redwood City. With the stage set, it's time to it's time to map out your CMX Summit agenda. Yes, you read it right— the agenda is here at last!

But before we dive in, let's recap what's in store for you this year:

  • Over 30 sessions await you, brimming with chances to get wisdom from community experts from top-tier brands. Immerse yourself in engaging discussions and insightful Q&As with industry thought leaders. Whether it's uncovering sustainable community-building strategies or collaboratively shaping industry standards, these sessions cater to a wide range of community professionals, from newcomers finding their footing to C-suite community leaders.
  • Gain insights and knowledge from the industry's finest (doubt it? Take a peek at our past speaker reveals: I, II, III, and IV!). The lineup includes David Spinks, Leah McGowen-Hare, Mindy Day, Erica Kuhl, Stephanie Grice, and Richard Millington, to drop a few names. Recognize these names? They're familiar faces on the #CMGR side of social media, and they're all coming together at CMX Summit to connect with you!
  • If you've purchased Pre-Summit Workshop tickets, you have access to our exclusive pre-summit workshops with some of the brightest minds in the industry. These sessions are crafted to equip you with actionable insights that you can immediately put to work in your communities. Imagine a data-driven community management workshop led by none other than the king of community data, Richard Millington, or diving deep into the art of sustaining mature communities with the brilliant minds of Salesforce. Just remember, spots for our exclusive workshops are limited, so secure your tickets now
  • Chances to connect with fellow CMX'ers worldwide through captivating experiences specially curated for you.
  • The lineup of exciting experiences, including book signings by your favorite community authors, the dynamic Q&A Stage, attendee-led meetups, and engaging Discussion Tables—these are just a glimpse of the fantastic new additions awaiting you at the summit.
  • Amazing booths from our sponsors! 

Can't-Miss Sessions at CMX Summit 2023: Shine

Here are some standout sessions that you won't want to miss, shaping your CMX Summit agenda. Be sure to secure your spot now, as tickets are filling up fast!

The Pillars of Community Engagement – David Spinks

Everyone wants to grow engagement. Most communities, especially those built by brands, are dead on arrival and never really get going. David Spinks has researched hundreds of communities in my career, and he will share the 11 pillars that lead to communities that people actually want to participate in. Warning: this is not your standard community playbook. It's time for some real talk.

Community is the Future of Education: The Rise of Crowdsourced Learning Communities – Tiago Forte 

Education is evolving rapidly, leaving traditional models behind. Tiago Forte's session immerses you in a novel approach: community-driven education. Learn how to harness the collective expertise of peers to navigate emerging frontiers, like Personal Knowledge Management. Discover the power of a bottom-up, high-touch model that empowers learners in unprecedented ways. Explore the shift from passive learning to active co-creation as you share insights, challenges, and innovative solutions.

Gamifying Community: Unlocking Potential Through Play and Reciprocity – Leen Sadder

Measuring and incentivizing member engagement is perhaps the most challenging part of any community leader's role. How do you build a system that encourages the behaviors you want to see more of in your community? How do you design reward mechanisms that highlight your most active members? Gamifying Community explores how incentivization and play can be the key to unlocking truly engaged communities. Leen Sadder draws from ATÖLYE's Blocks engagement system, derived from a decade of creative community design. Dive into the philosophy and design behind Blocks, followed by an interactive game of Community Conspiracy. With inspiration from the House of Beautiful Business, Leen's session will challenge you to redefine engagement through gamification. 

From Community Leader to Community Disruptor – Abbiola Ballah

The landscape of community leadership is evolving, raising crucial questions about the true impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Join Abbiola Ballah as she dives into the heart of the matter, exploring how community leaders can move beyond surface-level actions to become community disruptors. With a focus on building equitable and inclusive strategies, this session challenges you to embrace a new lens—one that doesn't just intend to make a difference but actually delivers tangible change. Through real-life examples and actionable insights, you'll discover how to infuse equity and inclusion into your leadership DNA. Walk away equipped with the tools to navigate discomfort, assess impact, and initiate meaningful shifts in your community strategy.

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Leveraging Community to Build a Culture of Inclusivity in Remote Workplaces – Hawk 

With the rapid rise of remote work, internal community building is more important than ever. Leveraging the power of community to build psychologically safe, inclusive spaces that empower employees to bring their whole selves to work is fundamental to the success of Discourse. In this talk, Hawk will dig into exactly how they make it work so well.

Product & Community: How to Create a WIN-WIN-WIN for Customers, Product, and Community! – Erica Kuhl & Stephanie Grice

Merging customers, product, and community for a triple win—can it truly be achieved? Erica Kuhl and Stephanie Grice say yes! From practical processes with product leadership to championing co-innovation in your community, this session is your guide to forging meaningful connections. Transform product managers into community advocates and reshape your organization's approach to embracing collaborative innovation. This is your chance to be part of a dynamic shift that's shaking up the norms!

Creator-Focused Strategies: Designing Communities for Mutual Growth – Monica Silvestre

Get an inside look at Canva's approach to creative communities, rooted in its mission of empowering the world to design. Creators aren't just participants; they're partners who can share in Canva's success and even earn from it. This session will highlight how Canva celebrates contributions, nurtures innovation, and fosters shared achievement. You'll explore strategies that turn collaboration into a dynamic, win-win relationship. It's a fresh perspective for anyone looking to empower creators in community-building.

Navigating Feminization and Amplifying Value: A New Narrative for Community Managers – Morgan Wood & Usha Iyer

Navigating the complexities of occupational feminization and enhancing the value of community managers—can a new narrative be written? Morgan Wood and Usha Iyer lead the way in exploring this transformative journey. Dive into the historical forces shaping the community management landscape and unveil strategies to overturn undervaluation. From wage equity to professional development, this session equips you with actionable steps to drive change. Join to rewrite the story, shifting challenges into strengths and paving the path toward a more equitable and respected profession.

Community in the Era of Scarcity – Ed Giansante

How can community strategies helps us get through the recession? Amidst economic challenges, Ed Giansante brings a compelling perspective on community strategy. Discover how community-building can be a safeguard during lean times. Whether startups are seeking profitability or established tech giants streamlining long-term community initiatives offers resilience. Learn how communities drive ideation, validation, and iteration at zero cost. Explore innovative approaches like co-creation, startup partnerships, and leveraging free tools to run impactful programs.

The Community Everywhere Era: Modern Strategies For a New Era – Richard Millington

Have you ever found yourself stumped by a community challenge and unsure how to solve it? In this talk, FeverBee’s Richard Millington explains how to dig deeper into your data to identify the insights which will help you overcome your toughest community challenges. 

You’re going to see real-world examples of community mysteries FeverBee has solved. Most importantly, you’re going to learn how FeverBee structures and solves community problems. This talk will equip you with both a deeper understanding of how to use data, a selection of frameworks you can immediately apply, and the right mindset to overcome your most difficult challenges.

Tactics from Morning Brew Learning's Digital Ed-Tech Community – Kyle Hagge

Ever wondered how to seamlessly integrate community dynamics into your digital ed-tech initiatives? Kyle Hagge, Director of Community at Morning Brew Learning, invites you to explore the art of it. Learn tactics derived from nurturing a thriving community of over 3,000 professionals. Uncover the strategic journey – from sculpting community ideals while building your product to harnessing feedback for iterative enhancements. Gain actionable frameworks to infuse community essence into diverse product offerings.

Fostering Community Growth by Tapping Into Your People’s Expertise – Larry Imgrund

Are you maximizing your community’s potential? When you harness the collective knowledge and skills of your community members and workforce, you can unlock new possibilities by creating a sustainable ecosystem fueled by meaningful knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Join Larry Imgrund from Khoros as you explore how to tap into your people’s expertise to foster collaboration, innovation, and engagement in your community. We’ll discuss leveraging teams and resources across your organization to enhance your strategy and build the internal support you need to create a thriving and sustainable community.

Let's Shine Together!

The countdown is on, and your chance to immerse yourself in all things community is just around the corner. Get ready to dive into engaging sessions, connect with industry experts, and gain actionable strategies that will empower your community professional journey.

Tickets are selling fast, so don't wait. Secure your spot today and be part of the CMX Summit 2023: Shine experience. We can't wait to see you there!

Ana Levidze
Community Content Manager
August 22, 2023
August 22, 2023

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