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July 14, 2023

Are you passionate about open-source software, decentralization, and blockchain technology? Do you thrive in a collaborative environment that champions collective growth and exchanging ideas? Then All in Bits is your platform to make a difference. As a keystone in the Cosmos ecosystem, we're transforming the paradigm of transparency and accountability with our advanced technology. Our work at AiB embodies the core Cosmos values of transparency, accountability, and decentralization.

Step into the pivotal role of Developer Relations Engineer and become the driving force in shaping a future that fosters permissionless innovation and borderless transactions. You will be at the epicenter of interactions with the community, charting the course of blockchain app development and communicating our narrative to the world.

Create, Innovate and Collaborate:

You will engage with the community, manage our Discord server, and represent AiB at conferences. Your voice will be instrumental in nurturing a dynamic, interactive developer ecosystem.

Guide, Support, and Inspire:

From start to finish, your insights and guidance throughout the workflow of blockchain app development will be pivotal. Whether you lead the charge at events like meetups, hackathons, and contests or mentor developers and community members, your contributions will cultivate a sense of community and shared growth.

Communicate, Connect, and Engage:

Your role extends beyond the technical realm. Write engaging content - social media posts, website copy, blog posts, interviews, video scripts, animations, articles, or press releases - and define our narrative to the world. You will bridge the gap between the development and marketing teams, fostering seamless collaboration.

Learn, Analyze, and Improve:

Use the Gnoland stack to build applications and proofs-of-concept. Learn from these examples to enhance the developer experience and contribute to product improvement. Collect and analyze feedback from projects that utilize Gnolang, providing vital insights for continuous enhancement.

Proficiency in Golang, C, C++, Python, or Rust will be your toolbox, but your passion for the blockchain landscape will set you apart. At AiB, we welcome diverse perspectives and promote an inclusive environment. We believe in offering equal opportunities to all as we navigate the path to decentralization.

Join AiB, and let's shape the future together. Make an impact that echoes across the digital landscape.

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