The CMX Summit 2024 Speaker Line-Up is Here

Ana Levidze
April 9, 2024
May 3, 2024

Can you believe it? CMX Summit is practically right around the corner (15 days, to be exact!) Dust off your CMX t-shirt (or, if you're a first-timer, snag one on arrival – they're the perfect conversation starter!). Get ready to reunite with the CMX’ers (and make some new connections) at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, California.

You might've already peeped at the stellar line-up we announced earlier (If you missed it – see this & this). Plus, the super cool news about workshops being included with ALL ticket types? Yeah, we dropped that news too. 

Basically, we're throwing the ultimate community party, and there's still space for you to join (both days, no less!).

With the clock ticking down, we figured it was high time to reveal the rest of the CMX Summit lineup. So, settle in, and get ready to be wowed. Let's do this.

Aaron Blackwell, Head of Community at Peloton

Aaron has 11+ years of experience in the Community Industry leading teams at Yelp, Samsung, and currently at Peloton. His expertise includes launching and managing online communities, building advocacy programs, event management, scaling teams, and tackling operational challenges. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his dog in NYC or planning his next international trip.

Andreia Tulcidás, Community Engagement, Team Lead at OutSystems

Andreia Tulcidas lives and breathes the golden rule “by the community, for the community” when it comes to managing programs for the global OutSystems community of 700k+ developers.

Her proudest accomplishments include building an award-winning global user group program from the ground up, reaching 90+ groups and 10k+ attendees in 5 years, and defining and managing a superuser program with 100+ community advocates, with the goal of evangelizing OutSystems to new audiences and acting as her extended community team.

Andreia’s passion for community building and engagement as well as her commitment to the OutSystems community have been celebrated, earning her the Community Industry Award for a Virtual Events Program by CMX and the Portuguese Women in Tech Award for Community Leader.

When not building communities, you can find her jamming in a karaoke bar or being an amateur cook for her friends.

Catarina Pereira, Community Engagement Manager at OutSystems

Passionate about events and committed to making a difference, as Community Engagement Manager at OutSystems, Catarina Pereira has found her calling in the ever-changing field of event management and community. From organizing engaging User Groups to orchestrating unforgettable corporate events and conferences, her heart lies in creating experiences that bring people together, foster connections, and leave lasting impressions.

Diana Qian Morgan, Founder of DQM Strategy

Diana Qian Morgan is currently the CEO & Founder of DQM Strategy - a strategic consulting practice working with leading founders, teams, and start-ups to build the best community strategies for internal and external efforts. 

She has worked at start-ups from pre-seed to IPO (DeepLearning.AI, UiPath, and is passionate about bringing communities to life at any company. 

She most recently scaled the DeepLearning.AI community & is working towards solidifying better community practices in the Generative AI space.

Dusti Ondryas, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Thumbtack

Passionate about fostering meaningful connections and building thriving communities, Dusti Ondryas is a strategic communicator at the heart of Thumbtack's innovative initiatives. From launching an online Community to leading the company's first-ever Pro Advisory Board, Dusti excels in fostering collaboration and elevating the user experience. 

As the driving force behind Thumbtack's Pro Rewards (loyalty) program, Ondryas cultivates meaningful relationships, ensuring that the company's incentives drive growth for both professionals and Thumbtack. With a cross-functional approach spanning cities across the globe, Dusti is dedicated to shaping the future of the Thumbtack community and celebrating the success of the company's incredible professionals. After over a decade as an entrepreneur, Dusti has spent the past 7 years on this exciting journey to amplify voices, build communities, and make Thumbtack better for pros and customers.

Jessie Jacob, Senior Community Manager at Culture Amp

Jessie Jacob is a seasoned professional specializing in community engagement and workplace culture. As the Senior Community Manager at Culture Amp, Jessie serves as the guiding force behind the Culture First Global Chapters program. This initiative has grown from a modest four chapters in 2019 to an expansive global network comprising over 100+ chapters and 12,000 community members. Her role is to support their 150+ global chapter leads in hosting inspiring and meaningful gatherings (virtual and in-person) on topics that relate to creating a better world of work. 

Prior to her role at Culture Amp, Jessie accrued diverse experience in the startup ecosystem, from roles at the Sprint Accelerator to spearheading fintech communities. She's done work as an innovation consultant with large corporations and government agencies and has run a customer research firm, where she worked with executives and product leaders to uncover crucial customer insights for business growth. 

When she's not busy building communities or innovating workplaces, Jessie can be found at the gym lifting weights or taking a yoga class, trying out a new coffee shop, walking her dog, or cracking up at a standup comedy show. She's passionate about mindfulness, nutrition, and women's health.

John Summers, Community Manager at cData

With a career spanning over 15 years in marketing and community management, John Summers has had the privilege of working with industry leaders like Oracle, NetApp, EA, and Google. Summers specializes in developing and implementing strategic Community platforms.

Maria Tamellini, Co-founder & COO at GamerSafer

Maria is a leading figure known for her contributions to creating safer and more inclusive online gaming environments. As a co-founder of GamerSafer, she has focused her career on developing safety technologies with and for Minecraft and Discord server communities. She has collaborated with research groups and initiatives aimed at fostering positive change within gaming communities, including efforts with the Anti-Defamation League, Take This, Stanford Reach Lab, WeProtect Global Alliance, and Fair Play Alliance. Maria is one of the masterminds behind the Minecraft Official Server List site, built in partnership with Mojang Studios to help players and servers find each other in a meaningful way.

Mark Tan, Head of Product at Arena - Live Experiences

Mark has 15 years of experience building mobile apps, services, and marketplaces. He is a 3x startup operator who has launched early products that grew to more than 10 million customers, generating $100 million in annual revenue. 

He has led product, design, and community teams, bringing together these disciplines in building products powered by their community members. 

This has also enabled him to master the integration of feedback into the product lifecycle and secure buy-in from stakeholders, ensuring that every product not only meets market needs but also fosters a strong, engaged community around it.

Meghan Bates, Senior Community Strategist at Hivebrite

Meghan Bates is the Senior Community Strategist at Hivebrite. She has a “passionate but practical” brain for improving engagement, diversity, and community strategy for global SaaS companies, aiding in super user development, member sentiment, and content editorial work.

Susie Wise, Author of Design for Belonging

Dr. Susie Wise is a designer and the Director of Strategy at the Alameda County Community Food Bank. She is the author of  Design for Belonging: How to Build Inclusion and Collaboration in Your Communities (2022) and a co-creator of Liberatory Design. She founded and led the K12 Lab network at the Susie has a PhD in Learning Sciences and Technology Design from Stanford University and lives in Oakland, California.

Don't Miss Out: Join the CMX Fun!

Okay, are you feeling suitably inspired and excited yet? We thought so! This is just a taste of the incredible energy and ideas you'll discover at CMX Summit. Workshops, networking opportunities, and enough community fuel to power you through the rest of the year. 

So, what are you waiting for? Snag your ticket and join us for an unforgettable two days of learning and connecting. See you at the Fox Theatre!

Ana Levidze
Community Content Manager
April 9, 2024
May 3, 2024

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