The Fifth Annual
CMX Community
Industry Awards

Meet the Winners! 
CELEBRATE WITH US      the fifth annual cmx community industry awards      CELEBRATE WITH US     the fifth annual cmx community industry awards      
submit your nominationS      Nominations are NOW open for the fifth annual cmx community industry awards      submit your nominationS      Nominations are NOW open for the fifth annual cmx community industry awards      

About the Awards

This is the fifth annual CMX Community Industry Awards. The program began in 2019, and has grown into an unstoppable celebration loved by the CMX community.

These awards celebrate the achievements of, and shine a well-deserved spotlight on the incredible individuals and teams in our industry.
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Your Nomination
Your nomination should include:
- Evidence demonstrating how the nominee meets the specific award category criteria.
- A thoughtful response. We recommend your submission be more than 150 words.
- Clear, measurable examples of growth and success. For example:
      - Community size increased from 1000 to 2500 members in 2023
      - A 25% increase in NPS or customer satisfaction score in 2023
      - A 30% growth in posts within the community in 2023
      - An 18% increase in individual member posts or comments in 2023.

Thank you for helping us celebrate the achievements of the best in the community industry. The nomination you submitted has been confirmed!

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B2B Community Professional
Developer Relations
Nonprofit Community Professional
Gaming Community Professional
Best New Community
Customer Support Community
Executive Leader of a Community Team
User Group Program
Growth Marketing Community
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Finalists will be announced on January 10, and winners will be announced at the Community Manager Appreciate Day Celebration on January 29, 2024.

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Meet the 2024 CMX Community Industry Award Winners

Help us Celebrate the Amazing People and Communities in this Industry

Our nominated categories this year


Customer Support Community
Growth Marketing Community
User Group Program
Best New Community

Professional Awards

B2B Community Professional
Executive Leader of a Community Team
Nonprofit Community Professional
Developer Relations
Gaming Community Professional


Yes! However, you can only nominate one person or community per category.

Yes! You are welcome to nominate yourself, your community, or someone on your team! Go ahead, toot your own horn. 

When a nomination is submitted, the CMX team looks at the quality of the nomination.
- Are the questions answered in full?
- Does it meet the minimum criteria (word or character count if applicable, all questions are answered, etc.).
- Is the nominee relevant to the particular category (eg. if they are nominated for Developer Relations, we ensure they actually work in Developer Relations).
- All nominations for one person or community are combined into one nomination (the number of nominations does not    determine the success of a nominee).

The nominee must accept the nomination as well, in order for the nomination to move onto the voting round.