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CMX Summit 2020: How to Maximize Your Experience Like a Pro!

September 28, 2020
May 19, 2023

Editor's note: That's a wrap on CMX Summit 2020! Reserve your spot at CMX Summit 2021 here. CMX Summit 2020 is just around the corner and all throughout the CMX Community, excitement is in the air. Before the virtual conference begins, here are some more tips to maximize your CMX Summit 2020 experience.Missed my last tips? Check out What you need to know before you.....login.

Get comfortable

The best part about a virtual conference is that you can be anywhere you like and you can wear anything you like. So, find a comfortable place, get some snacks, some water, and your energizing drink of choice, and create the perfect space to attend. As always, there is no dress code at CMX Summit, so put on clothes that just feel right.

Bring your Friends!

Isn't everything better when it's shared with friends? The team at CMX wants CMX Summit 2020 to be the best time you can have at a virtual conference, and they know these kinds of experiences are best had with buds! So, invite your friends to enjoy CMX Summit with you.

Consider your screen time

Sitting in front of a screen for too long can take its toll. Over the two days of CMX Summit 2020, make sure to take breaks away from your screen. Check the agenda to find the natural break times. Blinking can help dry eyes and blue light blocking glasses can help with sore eyes. Throughout the two days, there will be plenty of opportunity for standing breaks and chances to stretch and move around. Top tip: Connect some wireless headphones so you can still listen in on the action away from your device whilst getting in some steps. Check out the Agenda for CMX Summit 2020 and plan your days!

Remove distractions

We all know what it’s like to attend a virtual event and have other tabs open, hear dinging from Slack or email, or have a surprise visit by a loved one in the background. For the two days of CMX Summit 2020, try to remove anything that may tempt you into distraction. To make the most out of CMX Summit 2020, allow yourself to be fully engaged in the speakers and discussions, the networking events, and workshops. Purchase your All Access pass to CMX Summit 2020!

Get to know the tech!

CMX Summit 2020 will be hosted on Bevy Virtual Conference Platform. It's going to be the biggest conference for community professionals, ever, so the CMX and Bevy team knew they had to pull out all the stops - so they did! When you RSVP for CMX Summit, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email you will find the link to join the event on October 6 (October 5, for all you All Access Pass holders!). The only link you need is the same one you used to RSVP. No need to create another account, login again. It's all automatic.

Seize the chance to network

One thing that virtual events will never be able to replicate is the truly organic networking opportunities that happen at in-person conferences. But, you can bet your bottom dollar that CMX is doing everything they can to give attendees some great opportunities to connect with others. We can still feel some of that human connection we are all craving, even if it is through a screen. So make sure you don’t miss the chance to meet with other community professionals, and learn, grow, and connect!

Get your snack game going!

Enjoying CMX Summit 2020 from the comfort of your own home, means you get to control everything - where you sit, what you wear, and, most importantly, what you get to eat! (For those of you that know me, you will know I am a big foodie which is why this last tip is so important to me). At CMX Summit 2020, you don’t have to wait to satisfy your food cravings. You can prepare your snacks and drinks in advance. And of course, our favorite tip: Drink water! Stay hydrated throughout the day.

Take notes!

Get your note-taking tool out and prepare to write! There will be so many tips, tricks, and general knowledge shared at CMX Summit 2020, you will need to write them all down! Record key learnings and thoughts from each session to look back on, especially if there are concepts that you can apply to your own work. Make sure you keep your note taking tool close by, whether it’s a virtual note taking app, or a tried-and-true pen and paper, you’ll want to write down everything!That's it! You're all ready to maximize your experience at CMX Summit 2020!

Don’t have a ticket yet? Register for FREE and join 1000s of community professionals virtually on October 6-7.

September 28, 2020
May 19, 2023

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