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This is CMX in Harmony - a poem for CMX Summit 2021: Rise

September 1, 2021
April 2, 2024

We wanted to bring you all something really special for CMX Summit 2021: Rise. A piece of art that we can all gather around, feel inspired by, and experience together. Written by CMX Summit speaker, and incredible artist, Ramel Wallace.

This is CMX in Harmony

100% of people come from communitiesFrom infancy to eulogy, you and me are u-n-i-t-y (Shout out to the Queen)Communities are neighbors that change the way you thinkAnd diversity will always makes communities uniqueCommunity is an opportunity to build a pathWith fellow CMXers that is strong enough to lastSo rise, thrive look each other in the eyesWork together to be better and we can access the skyThe community is innovationWe just need an opportunity because it’s quicker than some litigationWe ain’t patient but we been waitingWaking up in Hade every day, we have been fighting SatanSaging, tryna find that sensation chasing the feeling of creationHave you ever had a dream or a thoughtthat you transformed into an art, and it kept you from falling apart?This is that this not just rap, this is bigger than any other vision that I had in the pastand I just want to pass that feelin’ into your cognition from the CMX into the ceilingto the sentient beings in the buildingto the young men, women and childrenWelcome to our colosseum, we were invisible, and now you see himCommunities a part of mehumans are my arteriesthis is CMX in harmonyCommunities a part of meThe internet’s an arterythis is CMX in harmony

Watch the recording of Ramel Wallace performing at CMX Summit 2021: Rise!

September 1, 2021
April 2, 2024

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