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SeaMX Summit: How CMX'ers came together to sail-abrate

September 20, 2021
April 2, 2024

CMX Summit 2021: Rise was an incredible three-day long event, where thousands of Community Professionals from all over the world came together to learn, grow, and connect.

On top of the 80+ sessions, workshops, and fireside chats with learnings from the industry's best and brightest, the numerous real-time networking opportunities, and the action-packed Agenda (that included live chickens...), CMX Summit 2021: Rise was an opportunity for CMX'ers from around the world to come together and... make sailing jokes? On Day 3 of CMX Summit 2021: Rise, Derek Andersen, CEO and Co-Founder of Bevy, sat down with Kris Lande, Senior VP of Marketing and Community at Salesforce, to talk about the Power of Community Everywhere. Derek and Kris discussed how Salesforce redefined their community for today’s all digital world, and how they are empowering anyone to learn relevant skills, connect from anywhere, and give back.

Watch the full recording here!

Derek kicked off the session by asking Kris, an avid sailor, "what can sailing teach us about community?" As it turned out, sailing is a great metaphor for building community, and Kris' answer painted a beautiful picture:

"With sailing, it's really hard to plan. You might have an idea of your destination and where you want to go, but when you wake up in the morning, and the wind, and the current, and the tides might tell you to go otherwise, you have to quickly change your plans.That's something I've learned from our community. You might have an idea of what your community should do, how you want it to look...but at the same time your community, your people, might have different plans and they might steer you in a different direction. "


This question inspired the CMX'ers in attendance, and with that, the sailing puns began. And everyone jumped on board":

There were some memorable memes created for the session too:

And, as if puns during the event, and memes afterwards weren't enough... to continue the "sail-abration", CMX'er Aaron White wrote a sea shanty!

The "SeaMX" Sea Shanty

Written by Aaron White (To the tune of Wellerman by The Longest Johns):

Verse 1

There once was a man who liked to think

The name of the man was David Spinks

Communities he liked to link

And longed to make them grow (Huh!)


Soon may the CMX come

To bring us knowledge and peers and fun

Then when the learnin’ is done

We'll take our swag and go

Verse 2

Then came the fruit of David’s dream

The first Summit in twenty-fourteen

We welcomed a new industry

But progress started slow (Huh!)


Verse 3

The business world took time to move

But research continued to proveCommunity had hit its groove

Its value they could show! (Huh!)


Verse 4

Community’s flag was unfurled

And people came from all the world

To learn, connect, explore, and build

They broke the status quo! (Huh!)


Verse 5

For years they met and things were fine

When COVID came they didn’t whine

They just moved everything online

Can’t stop that CMX flow! (Huh!)


Verse 6

When bosses ask why they should bother

We can now say “If you want to

See successes like no other

Let Community grow!” (Huh!)



There's more where that came from, because it's never a dull moment at CMX. Join our Community, and let the good times... roll ;-) You can now watch the recordings from CMX Summit 2021: Rise. And make sure to save the date for CMX Summit 2022! Plank you, plank you very much! #LetsSailabrate #SeasTheDay #HavingaHullofaTime

September 20, 2021
April 2, 2024

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