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The crash course in creating a community strategy with measurable business outcomes
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Build Your Hyper-Focused Community Strategy

Welcome to The Community MBA, the business crash course for community teams!If you’re here, there’s a good chance that understanding and measuring the value of community at your business has been a challenge. You’re not alone! Industry research consistently shows that while businesses inherently believe in the power of community, but showing exactly how it drives *measurable* impact is a brick wall everyone keeps running into.

Even if you have a general understanding of where community should be driving value, turning that idea into a concrete business plan with clear objectives and metrics, and connecting your community data back to business data, is a bumpy road most community teams are still navigating.

If any of that rings true, then The Community MBA is the course for you.
After taking this course you’ll have a deeper understanding of how community fits into your business, key business outcomes community can drive, 
how to design a hyper-focused community strategy, and how to set up systems for tracking core metrics and outcomes.

The lessons and models shared in this course are based on months of research conducted with companies who have successfully scaled their community strategies, as well as David Spinks’ 12+ years of leading community teams and advising businesses of all sizes on their community strategy.

Community is the future of business, and this course is the foundation you’ll need to be positioned for success.

The Community MBA: Course Outline

Section 1

Why Community is the New Competitive Advantage

  • The three big trends driving businesses to invest in community
  • New data showing how businesses are investing in community
Section 2

What Does it Mean for a Business to Build Community?

  • The difference between an audience and a community
  • How community unlocks scale for businesses
Section 3

The Six Business Outcomes of Community

  • The SPACES Model
  • Choosing which objectives to focus on
Section 4

How to Create a Hyper-Focused Community Strategy

  • The three levels of community strategy
  • Choosing a goal-setting and measurement framework
  • How to choose metrics and measure success at each level of your strategy
Section 5

Six Real-World Community Strategy Examples

  • A look into community strategies at Ironclad, Duolingo, Twitch, Outsystems, Fitbit and Salesforce
Section 6

Tracking Progress with a Strategic Dashboard

  • How to create a strategic dashboard to track success against your objectives
  • A look behind the curtains at Atlassian’s community strategy dashboard
Section 7

Connecting Community and Customer Data

  • How to connect community data with a CRM to improve community engagement and track business impact
  • A look behind the curtains at what a CRM community report looks like


Who Is This Course For?

This course is perfect for beginner to intermediate level community and marketing professionals, and for business leaders who want to better understand how community can help accelerate the growth of their business.Not sure if this course is for you? Get in touch and we’re happy to answer any questions.
Meet your instructor

David Spinks

Founder of CMX, VP of Community at Bevy

David founded CMX in 2014 to give community professionals the resources that he wished he had when he first started out in the community industry.He’s been building communities since he was a kid, and has spent the last twelve years leading community teams, writing about community strategy, developing educational frameworks, and training community teams at companies like Google, Udemy, Airbnb, and Facebook.
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