2020 Community Industry Report

The data and insights you need to plan a successful 2020 community strategy

Why download this report?

This research will help you understand how businesses are investing in community, what they’re measuring, what tools they’re using, and what their top challenges are, so you can plan your 2020 Community Strategy accordingly.

Why download this report?

In 2017, we published our inaugural CMX research report to help community professionals understand how organizations were developing and measuring the value of their communities.

This year’s report continues in that vein, but it also explores a new dynamic in greater detail: the value and differences between in-person and online communities.

Our goal in this report is to give you a better understanding of the state of the community industry, help you see where you have opportunities to improve, and to ultimately help you make your communities wildly successful for your members and your organizations.

We hope your 2020 community strategies will benefit from the insights provided in this report, and it leads you to build more thriving, valuable communities.

The big themes from this year’s research are:

1. Community programs are increasingly mature and focused on scaling.

2. The majority of programs include both online and in-person communities, and there are unique advantages to both.

3. Increasing engagement is the top frustration for both online and in-person communities.

4. Customer retention is the primary goal for most communities, both in-person and online. This is a shift from our last report in which customer support was the top goal.

5. Community professionals continue to struggle with measuring their value in a quantitative way.

6. Organizations intrinsically see the value of community and are continuing to increase investment.

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David Spinks highlights some of our key findingsat CMX Summit 2019