Communities change the world.

CMX Events invite community professionals from around the world  to participate in discussions and workshops, learn techniques and tactics, and hear from industry thought leaders and heroes. Gain insights from the best in the community industry and make real life connections with your peers.We hope this content helps other organizations understand the massive opportunity in front of them to build community, that impacts the lives of their members while driving their business goals. We hope this content helps level up the community industry as a whole.

Upcoming events

The Future of Community

We will showcase how our communities positively impact business goals and revenue, get curious about community health indicators beyond engagement, and build up our shared language to move toward shared standardizations across communities.


Empower your community members and your organization to build with you so that your community’s growth, vibrancy, & engagement is owned by all. We will investigate how community practitioners and participants can come together to build a more viable and sustainable network.

Build Belonging & Sustainability

There is a pressing need for conversations that lead to change. Creating communities with a foundation of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice is the path to creating inclusive, thriving, and enduring spaces and networks. Learn how to start the conversation and take action in your community.

Become a Speaker

Want to become a speaker at CMX Summit 2023? We're looking for thought leaders who can share new content, concepts, and solutions to empower community professionals all across the globe.

Share what you have in mind and apply by June 9th!

Become a Sponsor

CMX Summit blends a premium community experience with opportunities to learn from thought leaders, connect with peers, and highlights those who are making an impact in the community industry. Our sponsorships align your brand’s message with the aim of empowering community professionals so that they can thrive in their own communities.
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