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The 2023 Community Industry Awards Have Arrived!

October 11, 2022
May 3, 2024

It's no secret that our industry is filled with amazing people doing amazing things—and we want to make sure everyone knows about it!That's why we're so excited to announce the 2023 Community Industry Awards program, which celebrates the achievements of the best in the community industry.We want to invite you to join us in celebrating the people and organizations that make our industry great. We want to see who is doing amazing things, what they're doing, and how they're making an impact on their communities.So let's get this party started!If you know someone who deserves some recognition for their work, or if you've been recognized for something yourself, this is your chance! We'll be accepting nominations from now until November 9, 2022.Click here to submit your nomination!

What are the Community Industry Awards?

This program was created in 2019 when the CMX team looked back on the year and was amazed at how many incredible achievements community professionals had made. We wanted to celebrate them, so we created this program that would do just that!Since then, the Community Industry Awards have continued to grow and thrive each year. This is our fourth annual awards ceremony, where we celebrate the achievements of exceptional community professionals and recognize those outstanding individuals who make a difference in their communities.The nominations will be open for the entire industry to submit nominations for their industry heroes, their communities, and themselves. If you know someone who deserves recognition for their work in making a difference in your community or industry, please nominate them now! The nomination period begins on October 6 and ends on November 9, 2022.We will bring in expert judges to have the final say in the winners and celebrate on Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD), which will be held on January 23, 2023.

This Year's Award Categories

Best of the Year:

  • Communiteer of the YearAwarded to a CMX’er who is highly engaged in the community and continuously helps their fellow CMX’ers with resources, answers to questions, and advice.
  • Connect Chapter of the YearAwarded to the CMX Connect Host team who have shown growth and success in building their CMX Connect Chapter.

Community Team Awards:

  • Customer Success CommunityAwarded to a team building a customer success/support community.
  • Growth Marketing CommunityAwarded to a team building an acquisition community, and using a community-driven marketing strategy.
  • User Group ProgramAwarded to a team building a distributed events, user group, and chapter program.
  • Best New CommunityAwarded to a community that has shown significant growth and success since launching in 2022.
  • Web3 CommunityAwarded to team-building and paving the way in the Web3 space.
  • Creator CommunityAwarded to a team-building community for innovators and creatives.

Professional Awards:

  • Executive Leader of a Community TeamAwarded to a Community Professional. This is like the Best Director category.
  • Developer Relations Community ProfessionalAwarded to a Community Professional building a community for Developer Relations.
  • Gaming Community ProfessionalAwarded to a Community Professional building a community for a gaming organization.
  • Education Community ProfessionalAwarded to a Community Professional of an education organization, building a community.
  • B2B Community ProfessionalAwarded to a Community Professional building a community in the B2B space.

What Are the Prizes for the Winners?

This year, we have a lot of great prizes, including:

  • Free tickets to CMX Summit 2023
  • Free access to the CMX Academy
  • CIA trophy
  • CMX swag

Nominate Today!

Whether you're still deciding who to nominate or already have a few names in mind, the time has come. This year's awards are going to be awesome, and we want to make sure that the nominees reflect the excellence of our industry.So who will you be nominating this year? Submit your nomination here!

October 11, 2022
May 3, 2024

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