CMX Summit Announcements: New Speakers, Workshops, and a Full Agenda

Carrie Melissa Jones
January 1, 1970
November 20, 2023

We've been working hard these last few weeks to nail down some extraordinary speakers, workshops, and experiences for you surrounding CMX Summit East. This year, CMX Summit is going to be focused on not only bringing you the most comprehensive community content around, but also on building community around our members, sharing experiences together, and getting creative. Today, we welcome new speakers and workshop teachers to the table as well as give you a full agenda to structure your day!

Announcing Three New Speakers

SARAH_LCX_-4 (headshot)

Sarah Judd Welch

We're excited to welcome CMX member Sarah Judd Welch to the stage this May. She's been in our community sharing advice from day one, and now she'll be at the summit to share more of her expertise.

She is CEO/Head of Community Design of Loyal, a community development studio. She spends most of her days working with clients as large as General Electric and as nimble as seed-stage startups to solve business problems with people, increase engagement, and deepen customer loyalty. From community strategy and its translation into product strategy to launches and high-touch influencer programs, all of Loyal’s work is done through the lens of community. Additionally, Sarah is the Editor of, Loyal’s platform for anyone who puts people at the center of their work, and a contributing writer to Harvard Business Review.

She also mentors and instructs on community and branding for Startup Institute, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, and Coolhouse Labs. Prior to Loyal, Sarah worked on community, business development, and product with TaskRabbit, Contently, Kik, and Catchafire, and in former lives, for Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs. She believes that community is the future of the economy and society on the internet.


Matthew O. Brimer

Matthew O. Brimer co-founded General Assembly and leads global partnerships and business development for the company.

His passion for online and offline education and community-building has helped thousands of talented students develop the mindsets and skills in technology, business, and design needed to succeed in an increasingly digital environment. Brimer was most recently named to Vanity Fair’s “The Next Establishment”, Inc. Magazine’s “30 Under 30″, and Business Insider’s “Silicon Alley 100.″

Brimer also co-founded Daybreaker, the early morning, pre-work, alcohol-and-drug-free dance party that is taking the world by storm. Hint Hint: There will be one the morning after the CMX Summit that we'll invite you to attend!

His experience building companies, bringing people together for unforgettable experiences, and his background studying sociology will make for a CMX talk you’ll never forget.

christopherpedregal (1)

Christopher Pedregal

Christopher Pedregal is the co-founder and CEO of Socratic, a community where students and contributors can come together to make learning easier.He started his first company, ScramblerMail, when he was 19 years old. The second company he co-founded, Apture, was acquired by Google in 2011. Christopher was then a Product Manager at Google, where he has worked on Gmail, Google Maps, and Search.

Today, Christopher is the CEO of Socratic, an online community that allows teachers to upload video lessons and educational content for K-12, college, and graduate students. Through his work and experiments on the Socratic platform, Chris has learned countless lessons about how to build a community-centric product. He will be sharing those lessons at the  CMX Summit.

Announcing Two New Workshops

Rei_Square (1)

Integrating Your Community and Product Strategy

Rei Wang is the Global Community Lead for Hub by General Assembly and has 6+ years of experience in community development and marketing strategy. Rei has worked in both the corporate and startup world, and her experience ranges from creating global campaigns for The United Nations and Coca-Cola at Ogilvy to building grassroots movements to drive social impact at GOOD. At this workshop, you'll learn how to work more efficiently with your community and product teams, understand how to leverage your community for product improvements, identify opportunities to involve your community in your strategy, and be able to present your strategy to key stakeholders at your company.

Lauren Perkins Circle

Marketing and Community: Creating Strategy and Determining ROI

Lauren Perkins, CEO of Perks Consulting, will join us once again to teach marketing-focused community managers the ropes: she'll offer real-world strategies for leveraging your community to fuel marketing goals. Then she'll walk you through how to measure the value of your work. Together, you'll create a dashboard to use going forward. More details about this workshop will come shortly! Stay tuned!

Register for workshops on the CMX Summit page here.

The Full CMX Summit East Agenda

We have a full day of activities planned for you, starting with a breakfast discussion led by Evan Hamilton all the way through to a happy hour at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. That's right, we have announced the full CMX Summit East lineup and agenda. You can see it now right here. Scroll down to "Conference Schedule." Don't miss out on all these exciting happenings. Register for CMX Summit East 2015!

Carrie Melissa Jones
January 1, 1970
November 20, 2023

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