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What You Need To Know Before Attending CMX Summit 2022: Thrive

September 6, 2022
May 3, 2024

It's hard to believe that it has been nine years since we first hosted CMX Summit. This year, we are holding our first ever hybrid conference, which makes this year's summit the biggest we've hosted yet, and one that is sure to be an unforgettable experience.The CMX Summit 2022: Thrive will take place in Redwood City, California, on September 14th and 15th. With an exciting agenda of sessions led by the most influential names in the industry today, this conference will give you the opportunity to learn about best practices while also networking with other attendees who share your passion for building strong communities.Because this year's conference will be a hybrid one, there will be more people attending the CMX Summit, which means that for many of you, it'll be your first time at our annual conference. That's why we've put together some tips for how to best prepare for the conference and make sure you have an amazing experience!

Reserve Your In-Person (or Virtual) Spot

CMX Summit venue

First things first: CMX Summit 2022: Thrive is our first-ever hybrid event, meaning more people than ever can join us at this year's conference!That means you can either attend in person in Redwood City, California, from September 14-15 or join us virtually anywhere in the world using the Bevy Conference Platform.So no matter where you are or what time zone you live in, we've got a ticket for you— secure your spot today!

Thrive Together With Your Friends!

cmx summit thrive swag bags

While CMX Summit attendees will have plenty of opportunities to network with one another, it is always a good idea for you to bring friends or colleagues along. This way, your group can discuss and implement the information you learn at the summit in your own organizations and communities.In fact, if you plan to purchase more than ten tickets, we're offering a 50% discount on the 2-day hybrid ticket! To claim this discount, just send an email to

Build Your Agenda

Bevy Platform - Add to my calendar feature

The full schedule for CMX Summit 2022: Thrive is now available, and it's packed with sessions covering a wide range of topics around community building.All times are shown in your local time zone so you can plan your day accordingly. You'll also find detailed descriptions of each session and speaker bios so that you know what to expect from each session.Once you're ready to start planning your schedule, click on the "+" button next to each session title to add your chosen session to the "My Agenda" tab. This way, you can manage your own schedule during our two-day conference!

Get Familiar with The Bevy Platform

CMX Summit Rise Bevy Conference Platform

The CMX Summit 2022: Thrive will be hosted on the Bevy Virtual Conference Platform. This means that if you're attending virtually, you'll be able to access the virtual sessions from anywhere in the world, including 2-day Hybrid Ticket holders who can also access virtual sessions on top of the in-person sessions.You'll get reminders before the conference starts on your email, so there's no chance of being late or missing any important information. So don't worry about a thing—just RSVP and join in two clicks!

Download the CMX Events App

CMX Events App

If you're planning to join us virtually at CMX Summit 2022, there's one more way to make your experience extra special: download the CMX Events App and enjoy full event participation from wherever you are!With the CMX Events App, you can network with attendees, chat and ask questions during the conference, add favorite sessions to your calendar, and more, all in the palm of your hand. And even if you're not sitting by your computer all day, the conference can still be enjoyed from anywhere, whether you are walking your dog or commuting on public transit.Soon we'll release a new feature that will allow you to chat and network 1-1 with other attendees. Just make sure that when you create your profile, you make it public so that others can reach out and connect with you!So what are you waiting for? Download the app today (Available on iOS and Android) and make sure you don't miss out on any excitement!

Get Involved in Some Pre-Summit Networking

CMX Slack Channel Networking

It's natural for you to feel a little intimidated if you don't know anyone else at the conference. But don't worry—we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with attendees before the summit even begins.Our Slack Channel and Facebook Group are all great places to start making connections before the event! So many members of our community are planning to attend this year's summit. We even have designated channels for making introductions and getting all your CMX Summit-related questions answered.

Make Sure to Stop By Our Booth to Pick up Some Free Swag!

Arielle hands attendee their t-shirt

We will have a booth at this year's conference, where you can stop by to pick up some free swag and learn more about what we do. We're always excited to meet the people who make up our community, so whether you're an existing member or just interested in learning more about what we do, we'd love for you to drop by!Do you still need more information about CMX Summit to make your decision? Read this article to find out why we think every community professional should join us at our summit.

September 6, 2022
May 3, 2024

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