CMX Spark is Coming to EMEA!

Ann Marie
April 12, 2021
April 2, 2024

We heard you, and we’re on our way!I’m excited to invite you to CMX’s first-ever EMEA conference: CMX Spark. Join us on April 20th for a one-day virtual conference featuring the voices of incredible community leaders from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

While the community industry is growing, there hasn’t been a major community conference in any of these regions. At CMX Spark, we’re building the future of the community profession in EMEA and the future of community-driven business.

Grab your free ticket today!

Why CMX Spark?

CMX is a global community. We have CMX Connect chapters in 50+ cities and 20+ languages. But we’ve never hosted a large-scale conference in a region other than the United States. The time has come for that to change.

We’ve surveyed CMX’ers plenty of times to ask for feedback on our content and events. One request we’ve heard consistently is events in more time zones. CMX’ers outside of North and South America find it difficult to attend CMX Summit. We’re excited to host events that more of our community can attend.

Finally, COVID-19 has changed the event game. With virtual events, we’re now able to reach a wider, more global audience with fewer barriers to entry (like plane tickets and hotel stays). This means CMX’ers around the world who have never attended a CMX conference can join us for the first time!

The lineup

CMX Spark’s programming is curated to speak specifically to the region’s up-and-coming community industry. Our lineup is full of speakers and vendors that represent the range of what EMEA has to offer. We’ll also cover topics that speak to community builders in the region, like how to build events globally and across countries.

We’ve been working with our EMEA Connect Hosts to put on an event that truly speaks to the diversity of countries and challenges in the EMEA region. (Thanks to our Connect Hosts — we couldn’t have done it without you!)Our 26 speakers are from companies including Google, Automattic, Spotify, and more. This lineup includes:

  • 7 founders of community-powered businesses
  • 8 community executives
  • 8 community practitioners
  • 15 countries

We hope you enjoy the first-ever CMX Spark as much as we’ve enjoyed planning it! Can’t join the virtual conference? Each talk will be recorded and available to stream on the CMX YouTube following the event.

RSVP now and see you on April 20th!

Ann Marie
April 12, 2021
April 2, 2024

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