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CMX Masterclass Recap: Mastering the Community Growth Funnel with Amber Atherton

February 21, 2023
April 2, 2024

The importance of community in business can never be overstated. This is the takeaway from our Community Industry Report 2022, where we found that an overwhelming majority of companies see community as a core part of their mission. As the trend of embracing community-driven strategies continues to grow, the benefits of having a thriving community have become increasingly apparent.But what exactly does it take to build a thriving community? Well, the answer is not always straightforward.Despite the growing recognition of the importance of community, many entrepreneurs still struggle with understanding its true essence, resulting in the creation of communities that lack engagement and loyalty.That's why Amber Atherton, a British entrepreneur and community-building expert based in San Francisco, has developed two essential concepts to help entrepreneurs get started on building their communities on the right track. With a history of successfully creating communities for businesses, brands, and creators, Amber shared these concepts in our recent "Mastering the Community Growth Funnel" Masterclass alongside Derek Andersen, co-founder & CEO of Bevy and Startup Grind.

Community Funnel Amber Atherton

So, what are these concepts? Amber introduced the Community Quadrant, which helps us understand how communities differ from other groups of people who interact with a product. And then there's the Community Funnel, which provides a framework for what makes a community compelling to prospective members.Amber and Derek went deep into these concepts during the Masterclass and shared their expertise in building successful communities. Amber emphasized the importance of understanding your community members' unique needs and interests and creating a sense of belonging by offering opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and growth. They also talked about the importance of measuring the impact and success of your community and continually making improvements to keep it growing and thriving.If you missed the masterclass, don't worry! The recording is available for viewing, offering an amazing opportunity to learn from two experienced community builders. Get ready to dive into the key elements of building a successful community and walk away with valuable insights!

Resources From This Masterclass

February 21, 2023
April 2, 2024

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