CMX Masterclass Recap: Confronting Online Toxicity with Hawk

Ana Levidze
July 11, 2023
May 3, 2024

Toxicity is an all too familiar challenge that can infiltrate even the most well-intentioned communities, especially when we deal with online communities, where anonymity and distance provide a shield for some people to be less considerate than they otherwise might be. 

The result? Cyberbullying, hate speech, trolling – the list goes on. These toxic behaviors threaten our sense of belonging and safety and have ripple effects that extend far. What's more, toxicity can also manifest as more subtle actions which can subtly undermine the very fabric of our communities.

This not only inflicts emotional harm on its victims but also has broader societal implications. It fuels the dissemination of misinformation, breeds distrust, and fosters polarization, undermining the very essence of online communities – the ability to facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

Such a problem is one that community managers find hard to deal with. So, how do we tackle this issue head-on? Well, that's where Hawk comes in – the superhero of online community management. With years of experience, Hawk realized the potential for technology to serve as a powerful ally in combating online toxicity, and that journey led to Discourse. 

In our May CMX Masterclass, Hawk explored practical strategies and eye-opening perspectives that will empower you, to reclaim control and cultivate healthier online spaces. The insights offered go beyond mere theory, providing actionable steps that can be applied immediately to restore harmony and build a healthier community ecosystem.

During the masterclass, Hawk emphasized the importance of consistent moderation practices and clear guidelines aligned with shared values. Accountability is key, urging community managers to address toxicity, even in the face of criticism. Hawk also highlights the use of technology tools, like sentiment measuring and watchword lists, to counter toxic behavior while reminding managers to trust their instincts.

Through real-life stories, Hawk inspires community managers, shedding light on their challenges and the transformative impact they can make. The masterclass provides invaluable guidance for those navigating the complexities of online communities and striving for healthier interactions. It's a must-watch for anyone seeking to overcome toxicity and cultivate vibrant, inclusive digital spaces.

Ana Levidze
Community Content Manager
July 11, 2023
May 3, 2024

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