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CMX Global Connect FAQs

April 24, 2020
April 2, 2024

Joining us at CMX Global Connect on April 28, 2020? We can't wait! Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions from the community.

What is the cost of CMX Global Connect?

CMX Global Connect is a free event! So, please send invitations out to all who you think will benefit from learning more about community during this time.

What can I expect from this virtual event?

You can expect all the bells and whistles! We will have presentations, facilitated discussions, workshops, networking opportunities, and other virtual activities. The purpose is to educate and connect our community during this time, and provide content with the particular focus on how to build community virtually and online.

What platform are you using to host this virtual event?

We are hosting CMX Global Connect on Hopin.

How do I plan my virtual agenda?

FInd full agenda here (put in link when it’s ready), so that you can start planning out your day.

Can I access the virtual platform prior to the event?

We will be opening up the virtual platform 30 minutes prior to event time. At that time, you can finalize your profile, get familiar with the platform, and start making connections!

How do I secure a spot for the workshops?

Workshops will be first come, first serve for the first 500 people who log into the session.

I’m a speaker and would like to pitch to CMX Global Connect, how can I do this?

We will not be opening speaker submissions for this event.

I’m interested in a sponsorship for CMX Global Connect, how can I do this?

Please reach out to Ann-Marie Pawlicki Dinkel -

Does CMX Global Connect have a code of conduct or other policy for attendee behavior?

Yes, we have adopted a code of conduct (share link) for further inclusiveness for attending community professionals of all stripes. We expect all attendees, staff, sponsors, and anyone else at CMX Global Connect to abide by the code of conduct, and will enforce it as needed. We will have chat box moderators that will be reviewing chat box activity.

Will CMX Global Connect be recorded? Can I record something?

Yes, it will be recorded and the videos will be available on a streaming platform for viewing pleasure. Please note, only those with an RSVP will have access to the recordings.

Sadly, I can’t make it to CMX Global Connect. What are my options?

No worries! We are recording the event and will make that available but we do want to encourage attending the virtual event in real-time. We will be facilitating chat box discussions, Q&A, multiple networking sessions and much more! Please note, that only those with an RSVP will have access to the recordings.

I’d love to get more information about CMX. How can I do that?

Subscribe to the CMX Weekly newsletter and be the first to know about other events, agendas, and CMX news.Join the CMX Connect community and attend in-person and virtual events with your local CMX’ers!Join us in the CMX Hub Facebook group and the CMX Slack Workspace.

April 24, 2020
April 2, 2024

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