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CMX Connect 2019 | A Year in Review

December 20, 2019
May 3, 2024

CMX Connect - It's just the beginning!

CMX Connect

We launched CMX Connect in April, 2019 and in May, we had already on boarded 16 volunteers and hosted 14 events in 9 countries! The need for the program was clear, and we continued to build. The CMX Connect program fulfills the need for community professionals to come together in-person and learn, grow, and, well… connect! The events are about sharing information, building meaningful relationships, and creating a knowledge base about all things community.

“The best part about CMX Connect is watching community professionals walk into a room and realize they don’t have to explain to anyone what they do for work”- Michelle Sims, Connect Host London UK

A Year in Review

CMX Connect India

CMX Connect has been live for 9 months. In that time we’ve welcomed over 3,000 community professionals to over 100 CMX events in 23 countries. We’ve on boarded an extraordinary team of 63 volunteer Hosts and are holding regular events in 47 chapters.

“We just really want all community managers and communities to be as successful as possible, and we can do that if we're coming together regularly and meeting up.”- Nancy Kinder, London UK

What’s Next?

CMX Connect

2020 will be even bigger! CMX is a global community and our goal is to reach out and engage with more community professionals all over the world. The events will produce more content, blog posts, videos, and frameworks that will be shared with the entire CMX community. We are estimating to have 100 active chapters by CMX Summit 2020! Don’t see a chapter in your city? Join our growing team of awesome volunteers and start building YOUR community.

“The CMX Connect program is important because oddly enough there are not a lot of great resources out there for community professionals. The Connect program provides this great resource. It's ironic that when your role is to build communities for other people, you also need to have one for yourself.”- Andrew Thomas, New York USA


December 20, 2019
May 3, 2024

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