Announcing the End of the CMX Communiteer Program

Beth McIntyre
December 14, 2023
May 3, 2024

After careful consideration and reflection, we have made the difficult decision to sunset the CMX Communiteer Program at the end of this year, 2023. The Communiteers was our version of a moderator program– a group of incredible CMX’ers who were keen to help drive engagement and get involved in our two online CMX Community spaces. This was a difficult decision to make and we want to express how thankful we are for all our amazing Communiteers for their contributions to our community.

All our Communiteers have been informed of this decision, and we're here to address any questions you may have. Please reach out to Beth if you need further information.

Why are we sunsetting this program? Let’s start with why we started it up in the first place. We launched the Communiteer Program in 2021 for two reasons: 

  1. We wanted to create a volunteer program for our keenest CMX’ers to engage with and become leaders in the CMX Community 
  2. As a team of two, we were looking for help growing engagement in our Facebook and Slack community spaces 

Over the last year and a bit, the Communiteers have played a big role in driving engagement in the CMX Community, and we’re so grateful for the help you have provided. However, due to changes in our team structure and resource limitations, the ownership of the Communiteer program has shifted multiple times in recent months.  Recognizing the need for a more structured approach, the CMX team has decided to discontinue the Communiteer Program. Going forward, the entire CMX team will share ownership and all will be accountable for driving engagement in the Community.

We want to give a huge public thank you to the amazing Communiteers from over the years. They have given their time and energy to CMX, and we are so grateful. There will be more volunteer opportunities at CMX in the future! CMX Summit is right around the corner, and we are always looking for help with our ongoing virtual HQ events. 

Our mission at CMX is to help community professionals thrive, and advance the community industry. So, we’re going to keep experimenting with new programs and continue to innovate on how we can bring CMX members more value. All for Community, and Community for all!


Beth McIntyre
Head of Community at Bevy and CMX
December 14, 2023
May 3, 2024

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