Your platform to launch In-Person+, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

Bevy is the only end-to-end solution for enterprise community events and community engagement.

Host your virtual conferences

Bevy Virtual is the only end-to-end virtual conference, community and field marketing platform. Host large-scale user conferences with thousands of attendees.

The best features in the market

Unlimited 720p HD Video Calls
Unlimited attendees
Chat & DMs
(w/ moderation, emojis, mentions)
Breakout Rooms
Multi-Day Agenda
Multi-Session Agenda
Auto Check-Ins
Automated Email Triggers
AES-256 Encryption
GDPR Compliant
Questions & Answers
(w/ Voting)
(Facebook, Twitch, YouTube)
Sponsor Booths
Networking Tables
Pre-Recorded Content
Private Sessions
Sponsor & Staff Lounge
Closed Captioning

Activate your community

Bevy is the world's leading community event platform, designed so that you can enlist and empower your local brand advocates to build their own local communities for your brand.

Host unlimited event types

With Bevy, you can host a 100,000+ person virtual conference, or tens of thousands of local community events. Empower your brand ambassadors to easily create and host everything from workshops and webinars to hackathons and happy hours.
Make it easy for your community to get together
Virtual events are notorious for painfully long, multi-click journeys with too many links, just to RSVP and join an event. With Bevy Virtual, your attendees can read about your event, RSVP, and join in just two clicks.
With Bevy you get world class customer support
Hosting a virtual event can be just as stressful as hosting an in-person event. We take pride in your success and make sure you have a great co-pilot during takeoff, in-flight and landing.
Peace of mind, Bevy doesn't compromise your customer data
ISO Certification, SOC 2 Reporting and GDPR compliance are just a few of the safeguards you can expect from Bevy's enterprise-grade data privacy and protection.

"Wow, I’m blown away. This platform is awesome."

Keenan Olsen
Community Manager

"Setting a stage for virtual events like no one has ever done!"

Neha Agarwal
Head of Community

"Love the platform. All this last minute and it just works 😊"

Jim Wiandt

"So thankful for the level of support provided by Bevy staff leading up to the event and during execution."

Britt Caldwell
Director, Marketing

"This platform is beautiful to use, so intuitive"

Carolyn Quinlan
Head of Community

"Loving the Bevy platform for the conference! It’s easy to navigate!"

Susan Puckett
Systems Operations Analyst

"Bevy Virtual Conference platform was a great solution for us"

Jennifer Kohl
Developer Relations Program Manager